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A sharp machine knife is often the heart of a processing machine; however, it is also a wearing part. The achievable sharpness & service life depends on several factors: Type & structure of the steel, the hardening process, the cutting geometry, the grinding process and the straightening process.

CU is an B2B online ordering platform exclusively focused on razor sharp machine knives and cutting solutions for industrial or commercial use. CU-Product deliveries are made directly to the end user without costly detours. The brand names of machine manufacturers marked with * on this platform are not associated with CUTTING UNITED GmbH; rather, they are used to better identify the appropriate spare part.

The sourcing of the products takes place within a pool of efficient and modern machine knife producers from the EU. To ensure consistently high product quality, CU has set the highest manufacturing standards for each type of knife available in the store, which are regularly checked and ensured by our engineers. CU customers are end users from various industries: Food, Pharmaceutical, Packaging and Printing.

Avantage CU

Maximum transparency in pricing

You control the final product price through demand quantities. Our expertise ensures that you find the perfect match of quality, delivery time and price at CU.

First Class product

We combine Quality First and Customer First. By consistently monitoring our manufacturing processes, we ensure the quality that is important to our customers. By purchasing and using CU-PremiumQualityProducts, the manufacturing process becomes your point of value – because machines that run longer save you time and money.

Fastest possible delivery & Easy reordering

We reduce your inventory costs for spare parts because our store items are shipped promptly via UPS/DHL. Custom made items (special requests) are made by appointment.
If you have already ordered an item from CU, it is stored in your personal order history. Alternatively you can use the "CU-AGAIN-CARD", which is attached to every article. This simplifies re-ordering and speeds up spare parts delivery.

Process & Material Compliance

We guarantee maximum process & material compliance. I.e. we ensure that environmental standards and human rights are respected. What do we mean by this? That environmentally harmful application processes such as low-cost salt bath hardening are categorically not used for CU products. Our products are produced in all stages of the value chain within the EU. We therefore stand for fair and safe working conditions!
All steels used are produced in Western Europe. Only in this way can we be completely "material-compliant" and meet our high quality standards. CU already complies with the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights (NAP) of the Federal Government of Germany.

CU-PremiumQualityProducts are honest products!


You want to become a manufacturing partner?

We apply the highest standards in terms of process reliability when manufacturing CU-PremiumQualityProducts. Our manufacturing partners must undergo and pass an on-site audit in advance, which is renewed on a regular basis. This is the only way to ensure consistently high product quality and excellent delivery performance. If you would like to become a CU-manufacturing-partner, please let us know on the attached PDF which of your products you consider best-in-class and how they can contribute to the expansion of the CU product range.

Our philosophy: Together -united- create a win:win-value for you and our customers!

Application form for industrial knife manufacturers

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E-Mail: management@cutting-united.com

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