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219,57 €
Gewicht 0.896 kg
269,85 €
Gewicht 2.052 kg
334,80 €
Gewicht 2.052 kg
44,05 €
Gewicht 0.014 kg
278,06 €
Gewicht 2.052 kg
97,21 €
Gewicht 0.099 kg
65,78 €
Gewicht 0.096 kg
127,63 €
Gewicht 0.208 kg
90,67 €
Gewicht 0.082 kg
136,62 €
Gewicht 0.15 kg
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First Class toothed machine knives and untoothed machine knives

We offer toothed and untoothed machine knives. Our machine knives are suitable for a large number of well-known machine manufacturers. You receive the toothed and untoothed machine knives directly from us, without intermediaries. This way you have the opportunity to save budget. At the same time you get all the advantages that are offered to a CU customer.

First Class untoothed machine knives

We have clearly presented our machine knives here. You do not have to send us an inquiry, you can order the required replacement knives directly. All our prices are completely transparent so that you have a direct overview. Our prices are staggered so that you have the opportunity to influence the price via the order volume.

First Class toothed machine knives

You can find our toothed machine knives here. Our replacement knives are suitable for various well-known machine manufacturers. Order the replacement knives you need now and benefit from our simple re-ordering process in the future. You can reorder our CU AGAIN card directly using the QR code or place the order using your customer history.

Inquiries about our First Class machine knives

Do you have any questions about our toothed and untoothed machine knives? For technical questions, please send a message to our service e-mail address service@cutting-united.com. You have questions to your order? Then contact sales@cutting-united.com with your concerns. We will help you immediately. We are always open to praise, criticism and honest customer feedback and are always happy to hear our customers' opinions! Feel free to give us suggestions. How can we evolve so that we can make your work even easier. Management@cutting-united.com is already available for this. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Your advantages as a CUTTING UNITED customer

  • Completely transparent pricing
  • First Class Quality products
  • Delivery as soon as possible
  • Easy to reorder
  • Process & material compliance

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